Vlog Coming Soon!


Stay tuned in. We are in the process of creating a Video Blog that will be available soon on YouTube. We’ll update you as soon as that happens.

Exciting addition

This will be an exciting addition to the blog and we both look forward to showing you what life is like for us here. We will show where we live and what our neighborhood is like. You’ll get to meet friends and family. You’ll go with us on trips to the malls and the food market in nearby Imus. You will see how we get around – we currently don’t own a car.

Our plan

Our current plan is weekly updates and we have not yet decided on which day to release new videos. I think Mondays will be our update day. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Watch the videos and see how much I struggle learning the language. Yikes! You can laugh along with Lani as I stumble through Tagalog and Visaya – Lani’s native language.

Been done

Yes, we know there are many Vloggers who talk about their lives in the Philippines, but we want to offer a different perspective.

The popular vloggers, like Dwaine Woolley and Brian Ahern, are all younger men married to younger Filipinas. We will be showing you our life and sharing the unique problems of an age-different couple here. I’m 64 and Lani is 29. Age-different couples are not uncommon here, especially between foreign men and Filipinas.

Join us!

Go with us on our journey. We’ll post a link as soon as we get things finalized.

Thanks again. Paalam!

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