Not moving to Naawan

We were excited

We were all set to purchase and renovate a vacation home in Naawa, Misamis Oriental. Lani talked to her sister, Jaica, and she told Lani about a house near her that was for sale for only 50,000 pesos (~$960). It was located near the sea in a safe subdivision. Lani was familiar with the house but she didn’t know all the particulars.

So, we asked the owner about the house. She told us measured 10m x 10m and had 2 floors but it needed a lot of work. Two hundred square feet of living space, near the sea, for only $960? We would be crazy not to take it.

I asked Lani to have Jaica send us some photos and when we got them, I could see the potential. Yes, it needed a lot of work. But we could stay in Lani’s uncle’s house – rent-free – while we renovated.  

Things are not always as advertised

Lani asked me to draw up some plans for the renovations so we hire someone to get started. No problem. I opened my design software and set about to design the remodel. 

“Hey, Lani. I need exact measurements of the floor area to be able to create a proper design.

Lani called her sister, who took a ‘meter’, measuring tape in the U.S., and sent Lani a text. The house is only 4m x 8m, a far cry from 10 x 10, 136 square meters less!

We had already sent 20,000 pesos to the owner, based on pictures from Jaica and from the description by the owner. The owner finally confessed they just guessed at the size of the house. They had no concept of square meterage.

I was pretty angry and told Lani that I wasn’t spending 50,000 pesos on a tiny house that needs 50,000 pesos more in renovations. I said we aren’t doing this. 

Now, we have to try and get 20,000 pesos back from the seller.

I’ll update this when I can.



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