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The family at Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City.

Over the next few weeks I will talk about my life here and offer comments ranging from moving here to the Philippines, dealing with (massive) government red tap, staring a business, getting around, dining, and the culture of the Philippines. 

My goal is a weekly post, but I may post more frequently – it depends on my schedule. 

I have been here for six months now. I married a wonderful Filipina, Lani, with two children. We live in a small subdivision of the barangay Mambog 1 in Bacoor, Cavite province on Luzon. We are only a few kilometers south of Metro Manila. The whole area is densely populated and traffic can be nightmarish most of the time. 

We are currently renting here but we recently bought property in Lani’s home province – Bukidnon – and we are planning to build a house there. 

In April we will be moving to Naawan, a city of about 15,000 in the province of Misamis Oriental. It is closer to our property and I can keep an on the construction of the house I designed.

This has been an exciting adventure. I moved here from rural Arkansas in July, leaving behind a country lifestyle where I raised chickens and goats and owned 3 horses. The culture shock was not bad because I served in the Navy – I’m a disabled vet – so I am used to other cultures. I have even grown accustomed to the throngs of people and the traffic.

There is a forum here where you can create your own topics to discuss. You must register on the site to comment on my posts – sorry, but it keeps the spammers to a minimum – and you must register to join the forums.

I hope you will come along on this adventure with me. I look forward to reading your comments. Subscribe to my email list – you can opt out anytime – to get the latest news from Life With Lani.

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  1. Update: The deal to move to Naawan fell through. The vacation house we were going to buy turned out not to be as described. There are unscrupulous people here, just like everywhere else.